personal profiling using insights discovery®

We all have different preferences and traits in infinitely variable measures and to dispel the myth, profiling doesn’t seek to group or box individuals into categories. It looks to create a means and language to understand the complexity of how we and others think or behave and how we might get the best from ourselves and those we work we work with.

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Imagine the benefits to your organisation of a team that communicates effectively with customers and colleagues, and where each individual’s contribution is recognised and valued.

Understanding behavioural preferences can bring communication to a whole new level. Iluminar utilises Insights Discovery®, a preference-based system with its foundations in the work of Carl Gustav Jung. It is a profiling tool to help understand individual strengths, and how to combine and build upon them to optimise success and achievement.

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Insights Discovery® uses colour as a common language for understanding yourself and others; fostering effective interaction; and promoting organisational development.

Establishing your profile is a straightforward process that can be undertaken online and may not be as costly as think. Whether you choose to keep your profile confidential for your own personal development or decide to share it within your team to engender better understanding between you all, it is a powerful tool.

Contact us for an informal chat if you feel this may be of use to you and we will further explain what is involved and some of the benefits you can experience.

Click here for an example of an Insights Discovery® Profile.

Here are some situations where personal profiling with Iluminar can be helpful:

Building new teams
When teams are put together whether at a management or operational level, the pressure for them to gel and be high performing as quickly is possible is a common challenge. Naturally such chemistry can take time to build, but employing a profiling tool to help individuals understand themselves (and each other if they agree to share profiles) plus creating a common language for them to use when discussing team behaviours can accelerate the process.
People Development Programmes
Where undertaking a programme of learning and development within an organisation through workshops, courses, coaching and/or mentoring, the benefit of having a common language to discuss traits and behaviours that the whole group of participants understands and recognises cannot be underestimated. Additionally, your profile will help you understand which learning styles and forms of information and media will best support your development. If you have engaged Iluminar to support with the design and running of your programme, we can make sure that the common language of the Insights Discovery® tool is threaded through your learning to give participants a reassuring touchstone on which to understand behavior in different scenarios and contexts.
Resolving deep-rooted communication issues
It is our experience that on occasions, some long standing communication problems within teams can be resolved with a sense of revelation, given the help of personal profiling. Having the opportunity to step back and review how you communicate and how personality influences how others receive information and respond to you, can be a huge factor in team dynamics. Being able to think strategically about how a colleague best receives and processes information can sometimes result in the most minor of changes yielding spectacularly positive improvements in both relations and performance.