coaching and mentoring

Definitions of Coaching and Mentoring tend to vary and a quick Internet search will demonstrate that specifics are often widely disputed. That said, there are some clear, distinct characteristics that can be attributed to the two and Iluminar is able to support with either.


At Iluminar we like to keep things simple and in so doing, the definition of Coaching employed by the International Coach Federation best fits our experience and understanding:

“partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential”.

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At its very heart, it is a series of non-advisory, non-judgmental, conversations between you and your coach that will help you journey from where you are to where you wish or need to be.

There are so many benefits to coaching, but some of the most significant are as follows:

  • An understanding and self-awareness of what motivates you
  • Finding clarity and purpose that will enable you to set realistic goals
  • Stepping back to gain new perspectives and learning from previous wins and losses
  • Feeling inspired to turn thought into action
  • Exploring new ways to achieve your targets and consciously changing what may be repeated behaviours and approaches to improve your chances of success.

Be prepared however, because although supportive, coaching at its best can be challenging and require your full commitment to reap the most benefit. It is a purposeful intervention that is solution-focused and incorporates powerful questioning, clarification and collaboration. We will agree clear objectives with you at the outset and ask you to commit to regular one-to-one meetings at intervals that suit you and your schedule.

If you feel that you, your executives, managers, or a member of your team may benefit from coaching, contact us for an informal chat. We are generally happy to arrange introductory meetings between coach and client for parties to explore the potential of the coaching relationship before committing to a series of sessions.

Be assured that Iluminar adheres to the principles of complete confidentially, non-judgment, openness, honesty and positivity in all its coaching relationships.


Although mentoring uses some of the same skills involved in coaching such as questioning, listening and clarification, it tends to be more focused on a profession or job role. The development path of the person being mentored is usually linked to gaining skills, experience and insight from a mentor who has greater expertise and knowledge in that area of the business or in that job role. Unlike coaching, the benefits of this type of intervention commonly incorporate the provision of advice.

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For this reason, mentorships more often take place within an organisation or business between two employees of the same the company. Traditionally they involve the pairing of a more experienced colleague with a new or junior member of the team.

Iluminar supports and encourages the use of mentors within companies and mentorship relationships between colleagues as an effective development tool. There are however, scenarios particularly at management and executive level where there can be absence of potential mentors.

Where this is the case, Iluminar may be able to help with the provision of a mentor. We have experience of operational and executive management that may be of use in relation particularly to people leadership, building new teams, business change, project and risk management.

Contact us if you would like to informally discuss the potential of an Iluminar mentoring relationship for you, your managers or executives. We of course assure confidentiality in all conversations we hold as part of a mentoring session.