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We know you get asked to register on lots of sites and end up regretting the endless junk mail and advertising. Our commitment to you is that we will not flood you with useless mail – just the occasional messages that we think might actually be helpful or save you money. Neither will we share your contact details with other companies and service providers.

Additionally we have made the registration process quick and simple. You can probably do it in the time it’s taken you to read this paragraph. We just need your name, e-mail address and (only if you wish to tell us) your company.


The fantastic upside of registering is the following:

  • Access to the ‘Ask Y & C…’ forum – a chance to air general issues, get insight from us and other members and share knowledge on people development and people leadership issues. Plus it’s free.
  • Periodic free downloads of premium content and material that are not immediately available to all website visitors.
  • Early notification and discounts on any open programmes run by Iluminar.

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