How Do We Work ?

Your journey with us

At iluminar we understand our business and we want to understand yours.

Although we are of course willing to respond to specific requests for pre-defined training and support, we believe firmly in a consultative and collaborate approach through which we will aim to understand your goals and challenges as a business and as a team of people. Once we have a sense of that and of how you currently work and manage your organisation, we can offer ideas to help you respond to the increasing and changing demands on your people and business.


In a NutshellPersonal ProfilingTailoredMaking Real Change
handshakeUltimately, Iluminar looks to build sustainable, trusted relationships with our clients. Whether we deliver a programme of training and coaching for you over a year, or conduct one-off courses or team building events from time to time, we aim to keep in contact with you and become an extension of your team. We positively welcome hearing from our previous and existing clients for casual chats about their achievements, challenges or for ad-hoc pieces of advice, which we are happy to freely provide. In doing so, we hope that when your next significant people development or advisory need arises, you will remember us as a trustworthy partner and call us first!
To help us work together effectively, we often suggest personal profiling using the Insights Discovery® model. This is of course not essential, but it can be a useful tool in helping individuals understand themselves and their colleagues, which is the first step to high-level teamwork. If you choose this approach, it can be threaded through our services providing a useful touchstone on which to reflect on how we get the best from others and ourselves.

Insights Personal Discovery
signpostWe don’t seek to simply superimpose standard material on your company, but rather provide options from which you can select and then help us tailor in order to maximise the benefits and impact on your organisation.

Depending on the availability of your management time, Iluminar can of course pick up a greater share of the design and administration of your training, but we will never proceed unless we feel your requirements have been accurately incorporated and our services have full management commitment.

starboxAlthough there is a place for one-off training courses and Iluminar can deliver these to order, our experience tells us that a longer term programmatic approach usually bring about more sustainable change and realisation of benefits. We know that the cost of people development within your business needs to be carefully controlled and weighed against its benefits. However, unless there is an urgent and critical need to address, we often suggest that company’s spread training, coaching and mentoring over a period of months. For example, committing your team to one day of training per month and weaving in periodic coaching or mentoring for key individuals to solidify and personalise learning, can significantly raise the likelihood of long-term change and development.

Additionally, such an approach has the benefits of spreading the cost over an agreed programme period and importantly prevents team members from being away from their jobs for multiple days at a time. Particularly in small to medium sized enterprises we understand that taking personnel out of the business for significant periods is impractical and costly in itself and we will work with you to minimize that consequence.