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Iluminar Ltd is a business training and consultancy company based in Essex, United Kingdom, that specialises predominantly in the development of people and in management advice for companies and individuals.



Our AimOur ApproachOur Experience

changegrowengageWe aim to help companies engage successfully with their employees and provide them with the necessary business soft skills to support their growth ambitions, help meet improvement targets or underpin business transformation and change.


From assisting growing companies to achieve their ambitions through a strategic human resources development plan or simply helping key individuals towards their personal development goals, at Iluminar we have the tools and experience to bring new ideas and practical solutions to the table.

Our distinctive approach is based on getting to know and understand our clients well and in so doing, find the combination of some or all elements such as advice, training, coaching, mentoring and personal profiling that will bring about discernable changes and improvements for you and your business.

Irrespective of the size of your organisation, we are enthusiastic about providing creative approaches that will take into account the availability of your busy people and the size of your budget! We know the investment that companies need to make in any development programme, both in terms of cost and hours committed, which makes us determined to reciprocate with services that provide real value.
Iluminar is owned and run by Yessica Herrera Fuentes and Conrad De Souza. After a diverse business career across multiple countries and cultures, Yessica has spent much of the last 10 years providing people-focussed advice, training, coaching and profiling for small to medium sized businesses. Prior to joining Yessica at Iluminar, Conrad enjoyed a successful career in the Support Services and Professional Services industries, working recently for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Management Consultancy and before that at Intertek plc. Please view our profiles for more details on our skills and experience.

We are passionate about using our combined skills to improve how managers and their people work together for the good of the company and of the individual. After years of working in and leading teams, we want to share the best of what we have seen and help evolve it for your business!

who are we ?

Meet the team

Yessica Herrera Fuentes

yessica herera fuentes

Yessica’s international business career spans almost 25 years. Her passion for helping others fulfil their potential has led her to spend the last 10 years predominantly as a trainer, coach and advisor to small and medium sized businesses.

Conrad De Souza

conrad de souza2

Conrad has over 20 years commercial experience in an international business environment, enjoying a successful and diverse career in the Support Services and Professional Services industries, previously working primarily for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (“PwC”) and Intertek plc.



How Do We Work ?

Your journey with us

At iluminar we understand our business and we want to understand yours.

Although we are of course willing to respond to specific requests for pre-defined training and support, we believe firmly in a consultative and collaborate approach through which we will aim to understand your goals and challenges as a business and as a team of people. Once we have a sense of that and of how you currently work and manage your organisation, we can offer ideas to help you respond to the increasing and changing demands on your people and business.

In a NutshellPersonal ProfilingTailoredMaking Real Change
handshakeUltimately, Iluminar looks to build sustainable, trusted relationships with our clients. Whether we deliver a programme of training and coaching for you over a year, or conduct one-off courses or team building events from time to time, we aim to keep in contact with you and become an extension of your team. We positively welcome hearing from our previous and existing clients for casual chats about their achievements, challenges or for ad-hoc pieces of advice, which we are happy to freely provide. In doing so, we hope that when your next significant people development or advisory need arises, you will remember us as a trustworthy partner and call us first!
To help us work together effectively, we often suggest personal profiling using the Insights Discovery® model. This is of course not essential, but it can be a useful tool in helping individuals understand themselves and their colleagues, which is the first step to high-level teamwork. If you choose this approach, it can be threaded through our services providing a useful touchstone on which to reflect on how we get the best from others and ourselves.

Insights Personal Discovery
signpostWe don’t seek to simply superimpose standard material on your company, but rather provide options from which you can select and then help us tailor in order to maximise the benefits and impact on your organisation.

Depending on the availability of your management time, Iluminar can of course pick up a greater share of the design and administration of your training, but we will never proceed unless we feel your requirements have been accurately incorporated and our services have full management commitment.

starboxAlthough there is a place for one-off training courses and Iluminar can deliver these to order, our experience tells us that a longer term programmatic approach usually bring about more sustainable change and realisation of benefits. We know that the cost of people development within your business needs to be carefully controlled and weighed against its benefits. However, unless there is an urgent and critical need to address, we often suggest that company’s spread training, coaching and mentoring over a period of months. For example, committing your team to one day of training per month and weaving in periodic coaching or mentoring for key individuals to solidify and personalise learning, can significantly raise the likelihood of long-term change and development.

Additionally, such an approach has the benefits of spreading the cost over an agreed programme period and importantly prevents team members from being away from their jobs for multiple days at a time. Particularly in small to medium sized enterprises we understand that taking personnel out of the business for significant periods is impractical and costly in itself and we will work with you to minimize that consequence.




Our Services

Let us support you with...




Business Advice & Consultancy

advice, consultancy and facilitation

Our combined experience means that Iluminar can offer useful and practical advice on a number of areas within your organisation. To give you some insight into how we may be able to help, here are a number of areas where we have specific expertise:

People DevelopmentPeople & ProcessPeople & RiskMeeting FacilitationFacilitating Team Building Events
People Development Our core mission centres on the helping businesses and individuals develop and grow by focusing on building skills and understanding the dynamics within a team. That being the case, when you engage Iluminar to support you with a training and development project, an element of that will include our advice with respect to plans and the design of your course or programme. However, should you be looking for consultancy solely for your own planning purposes and detached from specific training delivery, Iluminar can also support you as an independent, innovative, yet pragmatic advisor, who is able to help you look at your existing human resources strategy and making realistic plans for the future. Some examples of situations where Iluminar can help:  
Growth ambitions

New Teams


Conflict and disharmony
People & Process

As businesses grow and change there is a periodic need to review and evaluate the efficiency and adequacy of the processes people follow. Organisations can bend themselves terribly out of shape by forcing delivery through a model or process that is outdated or designed for another service altogether. As well as helping with the subsequent impact of changing processes on your people, we can initially, through consultation and workshop facilitation, help you create, document, review or re-map processes for your evolving business.

Some examples of situations where Iluminar can help:

Duplication & Confusion
Considering new technology
New services
People & Risk

Risk Management is a broad topic that can span many specialist areas. Iluminar focuses on the day to day operational and business risks you may face and how you build awareness of this within your people and within your working processes and business culture. Recognizing the potential risks your business faces is a first step and we can help you in identifying these and actions you might to take to avoid, minimise, mitigate or at the very least respond to their occurrence.

Some examples of situations where Iluminar can help:

Responding to incidents

Periodic Risk Review
Meeting Facilitation

Meetings form part of our daily business lives, but from time to time there are key gatherings for managers or wider teams that involve the delivery of important messages, business plans or incorporate workshops to develop new ideas and approaches. These more complex and lengthy meetings can benefit from careful preparation and facilitation, which is where Iluminar can help. We can work with you to design agendas and meeting plans that will seek to encourage open communication, break ice where necessary and introduce energisers and interactive sessions to get participants active and engaged. We can then facilitate the meeting if you wish, allowing all attendees to immerse themselves in the issues and discussion rather than anyone having to manage the course and timing of the day.

Facilitating Team Building Events

Bringing your team together periodically in a fun environment can have enormous benefits in enhancing relationships between individuals or between departments and in general, improving the bond and trust between your people. This is usually enhanced further, by giving the event some context within the business, even at a very high level (whether to celebrate success or prepare for a new challenge). Iluminar can help you design such events and facilitate the day’s activities whether as an outing or a series of games and activities held on site. We have experience in running days that are fun and appealing across different genders and cultures, whilst allowing the elements of team attributes and learning to be drawn out and identified in an enjoyable way during the course of the event. Our ideas are scalable and therefore can be adapted for different sized companies and budgets.

business management & soft skills training

We provide a wide range of training courses and are able to develop courses to order where appropriate.These can be delivered in a number of ways and as part of different frameworks depending on circumstances and requirements:

Management Training Programmes

– An agreed tailored selection of courses and workshops for a company, delivered over a period of time (possibly in conjunction with other services such as advice, profiling and coaching or mentoring)

Single Courses

– A one-off delivery of a course or workshop where there is a specific and immediate need to boost certain skills in a company or team.

Open Courses and Programmes

– Popular courses or programmes organised and advertised by Iluminar and open to individuals from small businesses or privately and paid for on an ‘per person’ basis.

Here are examples of some of our most popular training workshops and courses. We are happy to discuss how we can tailor and or develop learning packages for your specific needs and goals:

Connecting and Engaging Others

Inspirational Leadership
Managing Performance: Developing Self and others
Being Influential
Making Sound Decisions

Making Feedback Compelling
The Toolkit for Effective Meetings

Dealing with Challenging People and Situations
Delegating Successfully

Planning for the Future

Building a Winning Team

Making the Most of Your Time

The Manager as a Coach and Mentor
Mastering Presentations

personal profiling using insights discovery®

We all have different preferences and traits in infinitely variable measures and to dispel the myth, profiling doesn’t seek to group or box individuals into categories. It looks to create a means and language to understand the complexity of how we and others think or behave and how we might get the best from ourselves and those we work we work with.

An Overview of Insights DiscoveryHow it WorksExamples
Imagine the benefits to your organisation of a team that communicates effectively with customers and colleagues, and where each individual’s contribution is recognised and valued.

Understanding behavioural preferences can bring communication to a whole new level. Iluminar utilises Insights Discovery®, a preference-based system with its foundations in the work of Carl Gustav Jung. It is a profiling tool to help understand individual strengths, and how to combine and build upon them to optimise success and achievement.

000_002_Discovery with Globe

Insights Discovery® uses colour as a common language for understanding yourself and others; fostering effective interaction; and promoting organisational development.

Establishing your profile is a straightforward process that can be undertaken online and may not be as costly as think. Whether you choose to keep your profile confidential for your own personal development or decide to share it within your team to engender better understanding between you all, it is a powerful tool.

Contact us for an informal chat if you feel this may be of use to you and we will further explain what is involved and some of the benefits you can experience.

Click here for an example of an Insights Discovery® Profile.

Here are some situations where personal profiling with Iluminar can be helpful:

Building new teams
People Development Programmes
Resolving deep-rooted communication issues

workplace mediation

Workplace Mediation is an informal yet structured process used to promptly resolve problems such as grievances, disputes and conflicts that occur in the work environment. A mediator does not take sides or determine who is right or who is wrong, but the process has a reputation for resolving 93% of submitted disputes within a single day!

What is Mediation?Why Mediation?Benefits
Mediation is when an independent and impartial third party discusses a problem with you and your employer (or between you and another employee) to try and find a solution. It’s often used after informal discussions have failed to come up with a solution and helps individuals hold honest discussions and express emotions in a safe environment with the goal of working through problems in order to reach a resolution. Iluminar is qualified to act as a mediator and involving us at an early stage can help your business resolve what can be complex or challenging disputes in an effective way that is acceptable to both parties and can reduce organisational costs associated with ongoing conflict. The ultimate goal of mediation is to arrive at a mutually acceptable win/win outcome for the parties involved. It is a voluntary and confidential form of dispute resolution during which the mediator can talk to both sides separately or together. Mediators do not make judgments or determine outcomes, but rather will carefully probe and ask questions that help uncover underlying issues. This in turn, helps the parties to understand each other’s position and reach options for resolving their difference or dispute. The priority is to restore and maintain the employment relationship if at all possible and focus on working together in the future rather than determining who was right or wrong in the past.

Mediation is ideal for addressing a range of issues including relationship breakdown, personality clashes, communication problems and bullying allegations, although care should be taken when mediation reveals actual discrimination or harassment claims which may need to be dealt with through formal investigative procedures.

It is often easy for parties to become entrenched in a dispute leading to unnecessary escalation, but involving a mediator at an early stage can be most effective in preventing a complete break down in working relationships. There is also a significant organisational cost to businesses from workplace conflicts both direct and indirect such as:

  • Time consuming formal procedures and tribunals
  • Sickness and absence costs as a result of unresolved conflict
  • Diversion of management time and resources
  • Higher staff turnover leading to recruitment and training costs
  • Lower moral, poor team-working and blame culture resulting in low productivity and performance
  • Potential damage to the business’s external reputation

For this reason many companies build a mediation stage into their corporate grievance procedures and if you have not done so, it’s worthy of consideration.

In a nutshell, the benefits of mediation can be quickly summarised as follows:

  • It’s quick to arrange
  • It’s less costly in comparison to the cost of an unresolved ongoing dispute.
  • It lends a positive approach and is more likely to achieve an acceptable outcome for those involved
  • It’s more constructive as it seeks to restore working relations rather than end them

The success rate from mediation is extraordinarily high with organisations like ACAS quoting resolution rates above 80%. A much-quoted statistic is that 93% of disputes submitted to mediation are resolved within one day!

Let us know if you would like to know more about how mediation could work for your company or indeed if you have a current dispute for which we might offer independent and impartial services.

coaching and mentoring

Definitions of Coaching and Mentoring tend to vary and a quick Internet search will demonstrate that specifics are often widely disputed. That said, there are some clear, distinct characteristics that can be attributed to the two and Iluminar is able to support with either.


At Iluminar we like to keep things simple and in so doing, the definition of Coaching employed by the International Coach Federation best fits our experience and understanding:

“partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential”.

Read More about Coaching


Although mentoring uses some of the same skills involved in coaching such as questioning, listening and clarification, it tends to be more focused on a profession or job role. The development path of the person being mentored is usually linked to gaining skills, experience and insight from a mentor who has greater expertise and knowledge in that area of the business or in that job role. Unlike coaching, the benefits of this type of intervention commonly incorporate the provision of advice.

Read More about Mentoring

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Iluminar Ltd helps people develop and shine with distinctive training and consultancy for companies, managers and individuals. It is owned and run by Yessica Herrera Fuentes and Conrad De Souza who are based in Essex UK.

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    • We offer a collaborative approach to designing distinctive training and advisory services for you.
    • We seek to closely understand your business, people, goals and challenges in order to build a sustainable, trusted relationship with you and provide services that address your needs and encourage the changes you seek.
    • Where appropriate, we favour a planned, programmatic approach to training and development, as this tends to yield more sustainable benefits than one-off, transactional learning.
    • We focus on helping you build effective teams with the support of tools such as personal profiling should you choose.
    • In designing and delivering our services, we understand the importance to you of cost versus benefit and the value of your people’s time.

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